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Soul Glow with Jeremy Sole 21st March 2011 Cloudcast by huwston

Jeremy Sole was in town to cover Australian music and culture for Tourism Australia and KCRW. Check out his travels here and check out more on the man’s remixes and DJ mixes at his soundcloud over here

Below you can here the full radio session we did for my program ‘Soul Glow’ on 2SER

21/3/11 w/ special guest Jeremy Sole

Jimi Hendrix – Rainy Day, Dream Away

The Stepkids – Shadows On Behalf

Taylor Mcferrin – Done For

Gil Scott-Heron & Jamiexx – Your Soul & Mine

Joy O – Wade In

Twit One – Seemy/Jamalski

J-Rocc – Stop Tryin

Mono/Poly – Needs Deoderant

Cris Prolific – People (Feat Ta’Raach)

Willie Colon – The Hustler

George Duke – Percussion Interlude (Jeremy Sole Remix)

Musaics – Skalypso Vamp

David Bowie – Golden Years (Jeremy Sole Remix)

Femi Kuti – Tell Me (Jeremy Sole Remix)

John Lee Hooker – Unknown (Jeremy Sole Remix)

Screamin Jay Hawkins – I Put A Spell On You (Jeremy Sole Remix)

Calibre Q & A (with respect and apologies to Steph @ Brag)

I love Calibre. I am not huge on DnB but I love Calibre. So, the company I work for is putting his Sydney show on with the guys from Foreign Dub and it’s all going down 2nd April 2011. Calibre lost his phone and couldn’t get this Q&A for Brag Street press done in time and I had the lovely editor Steph waiting for it for ages and it came in after deadline, so here you go – a Spare Hands exclusive.

1. Growing Up

a. i remember playing my mum’s piano as a child, being put through pitch tests is another early memory, as a family music was around us through an observant love of it rather than being actively involved, im the first in my close family over a few generations that has made the leap into the world of music, im not so sure i can define the impact my childhood had on my music.

2. Inspirations

a. i would put a lot of people and experiences on a list of things that have inspired me, UB40 really caught my interest as a child along with the Specials and The Police, i discovered punk in my teens and had got into Brian Eno, Miles Davis, Can, and dance music shortly after, everything else from there follows, and i mean everything, i think that all things are key to experience and this is of course the food that feeds the need for work with music or art.

3. You

a. i actually started of working with another guy a long time ago now, he had a sampler and i had an 8 track, so we shared our equipment, i eventually went solo and here i am 15 years later, i havent worked a day job since my early twenties.

4. The Music You Make

a. well this year im attempting to release 3 albums all on Signature Records, a new dnb album, which will be first thing to come out, a new dominick martin album which will be another deep downtempo affair, and im also hoping to put out shelflife 3, my unreleased material that has built up over the years, hopefully my dj set will include as much of these things as possible plus my older tunes that i still like to play.

5. Music, Right Here, Right Now

a. i think being able to retain interest in the work is always a tough fight, the nature of the industry cannot adapt to the changing environment, it’s lagging at a serious rate, but that gives more indie labels and musicians a chance to grow in a new chaotic world, its always transient but i think its leaving more secrets as much as it reveals.



When:late 80s

PS – Leave a comment if you’d like to go in the draw to win a double pass to the gig.