Review: Falty DL ‘Make It Difficult/Jack Your Job’ (All City)

Falty DL – Make It Difficult/Jack Your Job

Label All City

Cat # ACNY12x1

Released June 20th 2011

Style House

Rating 4/5

Originally intended as a collaboration as part of All City Records’ emerging new series that started strongly with a joint effort by Martyn and Mike Slott, Falty DL’s new single follows in the vein of Maurice Donovan’s Babeh/Satisfied by giving classic House sounds a modern twist. The New York based producer, whose output is both as prolific as it is varied in style is hard to pin and that’s what makes this single so immediately likable. Recording for labels like Planet Mu, Ramp and Swamp81, Falty DL refuses to be categorised, so Jack Your Job/Make It Difficult is somewhat of a gift; a quick and to-the-point proto-House burner from the man All City label boss Olan likens to Madlib in his creativity.

And quick it is! With both tracks clocking in at a little over three minutes it’s surprising that he successfully crams so many ideas in on each tune. Jack Your Job jumps right in with a short intro drum pattern, some soulful vocal stabs and a repeating hook courtesy of Minster Farrakhan of the Nation Of Islam. When the first hook drops (a soulful diva over some euphoric pads) the track has already accomplished what it needs to, yet DL then goes deep and then even deeper still by adding some funky flute on top, not dissimilar to St Germain’s So Flute but decidedly more dirty.

A trait of this tune and Make It Difficult is that they both feel like they’re a part of a DJ mix or some kind of 90s cut n paste job that brings in the best elements of the genre. Make It Difficult leans on the pop-crossover tangent the era enjoyed (think Yazz) and makes great use of a Bob James Mardi Gras-sounding break complimenting a female vocal loop and more conscious words from Mr Farrakhan.

It’s a real wonder who was being tapped to collaborate on this single and if their contribution would have been a help or hindrance to the project. Many producers would struggle to pack this many ideas in to a tune successfully but Falty DL does so with flying colours and because of that, it’s perhaps his most enjoyable work to date.


Make It Difficult

Jack Your Job



2 responses to “Review: Falty DL ‘Make It Difficult/Jack Your Job’ (All City)

  1. Vocal loop & pads are from Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam’s 90’s hit – Let The Beat Hit Em (C&C mix) if anyone cares to know : )

  2. thank you sir/ma’am! i hope it’s not too obvious!

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