Bugge Wesseltoft Interview 2004

Bugge Wesseltoft by Huwston

Norweigan Jazz musician Bugge Wesseltoft hits this Sydney this week for an underground show at The Basement, the venue where Jazz greats have, over the years educated both young and matured pundits of the Jazz scene both traditional and contemporary. Huwston grabs his fly cap and dips it to the man…

Do you see a difference in the essence of contemporary Jazz and traditional Jazz or are we coming from the same page?
To me the essence of music is the same regardless of style or tradition. The basic elements in music work in folk music as well as jazz or contemporary music.
To me it’s about timing and beat.  And traditional jazz and “my kind” of jazz is at least both about grooving and improvising.

Indeed Wesseltoft’s ‘kind of Jazz’ could go either way. The same sprawling arrangements and freeform improvisation which adorn the work of the likes of Henry Mancini and Sun Ra are encapsulated in Bugge’s live band New Conception Of Jazz.

What can we expect for the live band? Guys with gear or full blown live interaction and jamming? 

Its a live band.  Keyboard-drums -bass-percussion and a dj.  And we ‘ re jamming and playing very much live.
Which has influenced you more, Jazz or electronics?
I grew up with jazz music and “come” from and feel like a jazz musician, but I am today influenced by electronic music as I consider the “newest” and most interesting music around..
Do you find in any pocket of the world you travel there to be a small yet dedicated new jazz scene? Which are some of the more memorable locations?
To me Oslo is the favourite spot in jazz music so far. Great musicians, progressive music and a dedicated audience.

Where do you least expect to find a following for the sorts of music you create? Are you often surprised by audience/listener reactions?
Not surprised but happy when people have a positive reaction to my music (which is more often than the opposite). I think my music sounds “fresh” to many people and normally the enjoy seeing us play cause we are a live band with “real” instruments and stuff and no sampling and that kind of thing.

How is 2004 shaping up for you? Are you excited about the new studio release?
I am really happy with my new album and (of course) am anxious to hear others reaction. I feel I managed to make sort of an essence of my “new conception.” Its live sessions in my studio edited and processed in to compositions. I think it is a mix of all my albums. An attempt from me to “better” than my former albums.
Wesseltoft’s label, Jazzland, has been bubbling up from the underground, always treading the line finely between Jazz and electronics, garnering a sea of fans usually strictly swaying towards the one genre. Forever pushing the boundaries, Jazzland has found somewhat of a base in Australia’s west coast, making new friends in a two way partnership. Be sure to look out for the forthcoming Ennio Styles remix of label mate Beady Belle’s ‘Bella’ due out some time this year not to mention Wesseltoft’s new album Filming. For those out there with a finger on the pulse keep your ear to the ground and set your phasers to stunned!

Bugge Wesseltoft and The New Conception Of Jazz play LIVE at The Basement this Friday 6th of February. ‘Filming’ is out late March on Jazzland/Universal.


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