David Mckenna: Scarface – The World Is Yours

This one falls off, too. How did I get away with submitting some of these stories???

David Mckenna interview – Scarface: The World Is Yours

Tony Montana is back. The spirit of his street hustling has always remained linked with Hip Hop, corporate greed and multicultural relations and in that sense perhaps he never went away. As the title role in the 1983 production of Scarface, Al Pacino created a legendary character barely contained by his surroundings, in fact, bursting at the seams in his quest ‘get up’ in the various street trades and never has a protagonist commanded such respect. Sierra Entertainment have taken on the daunting task of altering the storyline of the Gangster genre’s Bible and expanded the world of Tony Montana in Scarface: The World Is Yours, a multi-million dollar all star adaptation of the Brian De Palma film written by Oliver Stone.

With as much attention to detail to match the enthusiasm of the cast and crew, Scarface is a huge success. Writer David Mckenna (Blow, American History X) and the team at Sierra have captured the essence of this boding figure by giving him a foul mouth and making all facets of the game play relating to three things: Power, Money, and Women (and drugs… well, you get the picture). Like all of the cast, Mckenna’s work can easily be seen as influenced by the De Palma film and speaking to me from his home he oozed a sort of healthy fascination for foul language, guns and violence (once we got warmed up) and showed an astute eye for the social commentary such bad guys make on the powers that be and society itself.

‘I’ve seen it dozens of times,’ he says with a warm bellow. ‘It’s definitely (De Palma’s) greatest film and I’ve analysed the shit out of it.’

Oliver Stone, who is currently blowing away audiences with his latest film The Departed (another adaptation) was a huge influence on David Mckenna. Comparisons to his famous head stomp sequence in American History X and any one of Stone’s litany of stabbings, bat-downs or pistol-whippings manage to put the two in the same pen, although some of his work has not translated so well on screen (see S.W.A.T… no wait, don’t).

‘What he captured was absolutely revolutionary. This was the defining movie of the 80’s. Wall Street was close in terms of portraying the greed and the power,’ says Mckenna, who obviously enjoys the subject, ‘but this movie has got it all.’

Similar figures like King Of New York’s Frank White or Notorious B.I.G remind us of how healthy it can be to live out our wildest through such repulsive individuals and their influence on street culture cannot be denied. The desire to take out one’s frustrations on a bunch of lying, low-life junkies is sometimes just too much to bare and Scarface: The World Is Yours offers you all of the cash, cars and keys you need to get strapped. You can even unleash an invincibility function for Tony if you abuse your opponents with enough f-bombs during gun battles it’s that gansgsta.

Joining Mckenna is a cast including Ricky Gervias, Cypruss Hill’s Sen Dog and B Real, James Woods, Ice T, N.O.R.E, Tommy Lee, Jason Mewe’s (aka Kevin Smith’s Jay), Cheech and Chong and many more who appears as dealers in distress or (ahem) business associates in need of a gun toting madman. The game almost completely throws out all regard for common decency (and completely delivers as a result) save for an inner and external monologue that loathes Tony when he attacks innocent people, which is also one of the only things that separate the gameplay from that of Rockstar’s groundbreaking Grand Theft Auto series.


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