Dwight Trible Interview

Dwight Trible Interview by Huwston

Dwight Trible is the voice of Los Angeles supergroup Build An Ark, as well as previously working with Living Water and The Pharaoh Sanders Quintets. Up until now he has been a silent voice, like that of a Jazz spirit sent to redirect lost souls. With his new album Love Is The Answer on Ninja Tune, get ready for a new state of consciousness.

Waking up to speak to Dwight Trible is an ideal way to start the week. The calm and collected elder statesman of Free Jazz’s career is set to skyrocket thanks to his pairing with Ammoncontact’s Carlos Nino.

‘You better be careful about what you tell Carlos,’ Trible jokes, ‘cos he’ll get it done!’

Referring to the Los Angeles based radio presenter and producer, Trible reminisces about how, at first, he wasn’t too keen on appearing with his band on the man’s show one Saturday night.

‘I guess Carlos has really made it his business to be involved in all music and recognise talent. He has so much spirit and it’s funny that I originally didn’t want to do his radio show but it’s evolved into a beautiful friendship,’ says Trible.

This friendship echoes the work of Trible’s previous projects, with collaboration being the name of the game. Love Is The Answer enlists the help of Sa Ra Creative Partners, Madlib, Daedelus, Jay Dilla and of course the brothers Contact. So just how much of the album was Dwight Trible?

‘Not a lot, actually,’ remarks Trible as he goes on to explain the simplicity of such a release. ‘Dexter Storey is the drummer of my other group and Carlos has also been around me long enough that this is like their interpretation of me, almost like a filter.’

Nino and co would collaborate on beats and then suggest lyrics and intonation to Dwight, so it turns out the real collaboration came after the pieces of the puzzle were collected.

‘I came in to a made bed a lot of the time; Carlos and Dexter spent a lot more time in the studio and they just called me in when they were ready.’

It sort of smacks of generations bridging in order to understand each other. Where else could Nino find such a voice of depth without enlisting the help of an older man and similarly Trible, whose experience is that of traditional instrumentation, could never enlist such an A list group of partners and that’s what makes Love Is The Answer so special.

‘I feel honoured that the younger generation would welcome me,’ muses Trible. ‘It’s a beautiful thing for us to get a peek in to each other’s world’s and what we do. A lot of these people are friends of my daughter,’ he jokes, ’and now some of them have to go through her to get to me!’ I love what the younger generation are doing, it’s the most creative thing.’

One thing that hasn’t changed (and is a comparable trait to younger artists) is the money ain’t comin’ in yet. Perhaps Trible’s story is a cautionary tale affirming artistic endeavour.

‘I’ll be doing the North Sea Jazz festival in July, then around Europe, then off to Japan then back home, but I still ain’t makin’ no money,’ Trible sighs.

When you release an album that’s this meaningful and didactic, perhaps the real reward will come not in this life, but in the next. Trible is like the teacher in the doco film To Be And To Have. He shows patience, passion and understanding, three of the most perfect emotions to temper Hip Hop’s restless soul.

Dwight Trible and the Life Force Trio’s Love Is The Answer is out now on Ninja Tune thru Inertia.   


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