Wildchild: Jack of All Trades, Master of Tongue

Shit headline

Wildchild Interview

Former Lootpack emcee Wildchild is hard to put his finger on. On one hand you have this incredible rhymer who was a part of a group doing what’s hip now over a decade ago and on the other hand you have an incredibly humble man on a daily grind to capitalize on any lost ground since the super group’s ‘rapping up’ of affairs all those years ago. Coming to Australia for the first time with The Executioners, Wildchild is promoting, breaking, producing, DJing and MCing, which really does make him Jack Of All Trades.

‘I’m just trying to wil’ out, party and promote some new material as well as the current material, get cats clued to what we’re doing on the west coast, with the lyrics and the  beats and some b-boy moves,’ he says of the upcoming tour. ‘I was a b-boy first. Me and Madlib used to pop before we got in to producing and MCing and I always keep that element alive.’

Saying that he always keeps the b-boys in mind with the music he writes and records makes it painfully obvious why he is such a loved MC – people like dancing and the uptempo joints are always better than the drab ones.

‘I worked on the album on some beats and a lot of people don’t know that I DJ, I spin, I play some funk, soul and classic RnB 80s and 70s stuff and with all of this stuff I was doing people call me jack of all trades and until it was time to put the album out and I had to think of the album title it just fit.’

At first I was concerned about the interview due to a track on the album where the MC eats a journalist for focusing too much on his cohorts wherabouts and whilst steering clear of the subject, did let him know of my concern.

‘That was geared towards some past experiences where people were using the opportunity to work with me when they were trying to get more information off people that don’t do interviews. Like if Oh No, Madlib, Percee P or whoever was between their releases, so it seemed easy to reach me and we did a whole interview answering questions about everyone else,’ he says.

In fact, Oxnard, California has spawned some of the new school’s greatest talents and whilst Wildchild appreciates the love, he hates in when people miss the point. He is more than happy to spread love to up and comers like Georgia Anne Muldrow who produced and appeare don’t he album a couple of times.

‘She’s so soulful,’ he says, ‘to me she’s like a new millennium version of Chaka Khan. If I could pick a soul signer I grew up listening to who I wanted to work with it would be Chaka Khan. She sings, she produces and people don’t even know that she rhymes… Her beats are totally to the left and she doesn’t get influenced by what other people are doing, she tries to do her own thing, so that right there that was ‘nuff said’, I had to work with her.’

Describing the label situation and now not being part of a stable he says that perhaps Stones Throw were expecting to hear something different when he turned in 20% of the album in 2006 and whilst not describing it as a bad experience he says ‘them not putting the album out helped me grow.’

Fear not because as much as he wants you to check for Jack Of All Trades and come to the show, he has a swag of new projects in the work that will have hip hoppers reaching for the sweat rag including a new DVD, a collaboration with Karriem Riggins and Stacey Epps, Dudley, Georgia and he are doing a record together and he and Madlib have been working on some vocals which may turn out to be future Lootpack material as well as an album with Oh No and Black Milk. Goodness!


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