When cutting edge just doesn’t cut it anymore…

March 2014 Update: Not much activity here for a while. I will be re-posting stuff I like as it comes across my desk but we’ll be scant on interviews and podcasts for the near while. If you like my music curation, go check out some more of it at http://www.guvera.com where I work!

April 2012 Update: I’ve been updating the blog with some content which dates back to about 2003 when I first properly started my music journalism. The writing is mostly terrible but I have noticed a massive difference in what I could pitch magazines then and what they take now. And the fact there’s not many magazines now. Questions, comments and hate mail will all be answered.

First post: This blog is dedicated to (mostly) exclusive content from label, publicist and promoter partners across the globe. Here you’ll get access to interviews done on the Soul Glow radio show which airs Monday 1:30-3:00pm (Sydney time) on 2SER 107.3fm www.2ser.com as well as new music and video posts from the wonderful world of DJ Huwston and friends.

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