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New Interview with Max Weissenfeldt (Poets Of Rhythm / Philophon Records)


Check out my interview with Drummer, Producer and Composer Max Weissenfeldt¬†here. He’s been ‘instrumental’ (geddit) in my evolution as a DJ, Music lover, radio programmer and record collector having played in and worked with such acts as The Poets Of Rhythm, The Whitefield Brothers, The Heliocentrics, Dr John, Polyversal Souls and more.

His latest project is Philophon Records – an amazing Soul label exploring the Universe of sound.

Check out their catalogue below


Paul White: Before The Purple Brain

It’s always encouraging when you fancy an artist and then they get picked up for big things by people like Egon of Now-Again/Stones Throw Records. Paul White is an MPC guy who’s able to get so much soul and emotion out of his samples… it’s quite outstanding. We did an interview about a year ago when he released is debut, and here it is. Expect a follow up in the weeks to come.

His new album ‘Paul White & The Purple Brain’ comes out early June.

Cop the debut single feat Guilty Simpson for free here and then buy the bitchin remixes

Purchase ‘The Strange Dreams Of Paul White’, the dizzying debut here

THEN get more free isht at his Bandcamp